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Kharadron Overlords Sexy Pictures.

OK, again I am back after some time, didn't have much to do, currently I am painting some (OFC NOT MINE!)  LOTR/ Hobbit minis. Seriously they are sculpted out of a potato with a screwdriver by a drunk jackhammer operator. When I am looking at them standing between sexy minis of Brutes, Maw Crusha, and Kharadron Overlords they look like they were just a retarded brothers...
Ok but I am not writing it to cry about beauty of LOTR models. Last few posts were mostly about (not so new now) Kharadron Overlords minis. I decided that my mostly finished army will be set in my friendly local game store They wanted to give me a gift also and prepared a nice professional photos of my minis. I am proud of them but such a good photos shown every little mistake I made. Ok end of that trash talk, enjoy photos (or not)

Meanwhile when I catch your eye I would like to send many thanks to C'Tan of Fantasygames who had a lot of patience to me while helping with t…

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