Kharadron Overlords Sexy Pictures.


OK, again I am back after some time, didn't have much to do, currently I am painting some (OFC NOT MINE!)  LOTR/ Hobbit minis. Seriously they are sculpted out of a potato with a screwdriver by a drunk jackhammer operator. When I am looking at them standing between sexy minis of Brutes, Maw Crusha, and Kharadron Overlords they look like they were just a retarded brothers...
Ok but I am not writing it to cry about beauty of LOTR models. Last few posts were mostly about (not so new now) Kharadron Overlords minis. I decided that my mostly finished army will be set in my friendly local game store They wanted to give me a gift also and prepared a nice professional photos of my minis. I am proud of them but such a good photos shown every little mistake I made. Ok end of that trash talk, enjoy photos (or not)

Meanwhile when I catch your eye I would like to send many thanks to C'Tan of Fantasygames who had a lot of patience to me while helping with this huge project. He spend lots of hours answering my silly questions and showing me how to do things properly. Thank You for help and mentoring conversations Łukasz :)


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